CLAPA endorses Insurance Policy from LloydSadd Insurance Brokers Ltd.

CLAPA endorses tailored Acupuncture Medical Malpractice Insurance for Licensed Acupuncture Partitioners of Alberta through LloydSadd insurance brokers.

In addition to insurance policies that were traditionally offered to Acupuncturists in Alberta, LloydSadd Insurance has further added a number of extensions to protect Acupuncturists in Alberta in practice. Despite the high education level and professionalism each practitioner is equipped with, practitioners may be faced with a number of unpreventable incidents or wrongful lawsuits in their practice.

Understanding the importance of protecting each Acupuncture practitioner in Alberta, LloydSadd insurance broker offers additional extensions which include, but not limited to,

  • Abuse Defence Costs
  • Punitive Damages Endorsement
  • Defence Cost for Alleged Criminal Acts
  • Disciplinary Defence Costs
  • Loss of Documents
  • Therapy and counselling Endorsement
  • Subpoenaed to Appear Extension
  • Products Liability Endorsement for Approved products in Canada
  • Practice of herbs, etc.

Additional components of the insurance increase areas of protection while assuring to provide feeling of safety for you in your practice – so you can sleep soundly each night.  

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